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Ed Pawlowski is the 41st mayor of the City of Allentown. He is a leader with skills honed by experience. A center-city Allentown resident for over a decade and a half, Ed knows first-hand both the struggles Allentown faces and the potential Allentown possesses. He cares passionately about the future of the city he chose to make his home, and is seeking his third term as mayor of the Queen City.

The tenure of the Pawlowski administration has been characterized by action, purpose, a strong sense of urgency, and endless energy.
As mayor, Ed has worked tirelessly to improve Allentown. No less than half a billion dollars in new development projects have sprung up in every section of our city. Ed worked to bring in over 100 million dollars in state and federal grants to rebuild city parks, develop new businesses in our downtown and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Ed understands what it takes to run a city. For nearly 20 years he has been involved in directing numerous corporations and building communities. From his early days in ministry, to his time as a community organizer on Chicago’s southwest side, and as the former Director of Community and Economic Development for Allentown, Ed has striven to make an impact on the communities and people he serves.

Since his first day as mayor, Ed Pawlowski promised that he would “build a better Allentown” by making City Hall a catalyst for change. He has worked hard to fulfill that promise.

He has streamlined operations in City Hall and increased services to the community. He has rebuilt the city’s police force from its historic lows in 2005 and over the past several years has seen crime decrease by over 26% and violent crime decline by over 19%. He will continue to make our streets safe, over the next four years and make Allentown a destination city to live in.

He has been a tight fiscal watchdog who transformed an $8 million deficit, inherited from the previous administration, into a multi-million dollar cash reserve, which has helped Allentown to weather the unexpected downturn in our nation’s economy. Ed achieved this without any property tax increases for the city’s residents over the last six years. He is actively finding a solution to the staggering police pension debt, proposing a plan that will keep the city from financial ruin and put it on the path of financial prosperity in the near future.

Ed has also cultivated a strong working relationship with members of the city council. During his time as mayor, he has seen an almost perfect record of obtaining unanimous bipartisan support for the initiatives he introduced. Ed will continue to work closely with council over the next several years, to create proactive legislation that will improve the lives of our residents and further economic development.

Ed has advanced the Arena Project to a reality as construction has begun on the revitalization of the downtown area, bringing jobs, tourists, and residents back to the true heart of the Lehigh Valley, making 7th and Hamilton a model for redevelopment for all cities to emulate.

Ed received his master’s degree in urban planning and public policy from the University of Illinois and his bachelor’s degree from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where he met his wife, Lisa. They have been happily married for over twenty five years and have two children, Mercy and Alex, who both attend local Allentown public schools.

Through hard work and determined leadership Allentown is now on a path to a better tomorrow.

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